What helps a sore tooth?

What helps a sore tooth?

In the opinion of many people, toothache is one of the most troublesome ailments. A sick tooth in its initial stage can only cause slight discomfort, however, over time, usually it becomes a source of dull pressure or strong throbbing or pricking.

The causes of this type of pain can be very different. Most often it is untreated caries, which causes increasing toothache when touched and bitten. Then a visit to the dentist is necessary, which will remove the carious cavity, and the resulting gap will be filled with a suitable preparation and secured with a seal. Possible, that root canal treatment related to cleaning and filling the tubules will be necessary.

Tooth hypersensitivity is a common complaint, characterized by shooting pain when in contact with hot, cold, acidic and sweet drinks and foods. This short, but intense pain requires an appropriate response, and, above all, proper prophylaxis. Only systematic oral hygiene and the use of special preparations can permanently alleviate the painful effects of dentin sensitivity. It is necessary to use an appropriate toothpaste with the content of highly absorbable fluoride. The technique of brushing teeth with circular movements as well as the use of mouthwashes and flossing interdental spaces are also important.

The most common reaction to toothache is taking pharmaceuticals. At any pharmacy, and even in chain stores or gas stations, Commonly used painkillers are available, type: Apap, Ibuprom, Paracetamol or Nurofen. In case of extremely distressing pain, the doctor may prescribe a strong antibiotic for toothache or recommend the use of cooling emulsions and gels with anesthetic properties, for example Lidodent, Capsigel czy Rheumon.

An alternative to tablets and ointments are home remedies for a sore tooth. Herbal rinses can bring relief from suffering, for example, from sage or chamomile, but also applying clove oil to the sore spot and cold compresses on the cheek.

Pain in teeth and gums may be the result of purulent inflammation of the periosteum. Then, pain ailments radiating from the tooth to the neck area, ears and head, accompanied by swelling of the cheek and the appearance of pus in the gum. Dental intervention related to abscess drainage is necessary, and often also with the extraction of a sick tooth.

It is as annoying as toothache, there may also be sore gums, which is one of the symptoms of wisdom tooth eruption. Eights, due to the lack of space in the oral cavity for their proper development, they often grow at the wrong angle, putting pressure on the adjacent teeth. They may also have trouble breaking through the gum tissue, which increases the pain, especially when touched.

To minimize the risk of nagging toothache, proper prophylaxis should be taken into account. It is necessary to brush your teeth in the morning and evening, preferably after each meal; use of mouthwash and floss. An appropriate diet is also important - limiting the consumption of sweets, acidic citrus and carbonated drinks. However, in the case of pain, do not limit yourself to taking painkillers. A visit to the dentist's office is essential, where we will get professional help and proper treatment.

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