What's in the name of the drug?

What's in the name of the drug?

Is said to be, that most human diseases are rooted in psychological factors. So we should not be surprised, that psychology plays an important role in the use of pharmaceuticals. We've all heard about the placebo, capsules with glucose or another neutral substance, used in blind tests, and which, as we suspect, they are sometimes disposed of by doctors to troubled patients, who want attention. In fact, it would be unethical to do so. He could have done otherwise, however – prescribe the same drug, but under a different trade name. Most pharmaceuticals have many names.

Each drug has at least two official names: systematic chemical name, which can take up many lines of text, and generic name (international). Chemical name with its numerous parentheses, Greek prefixes, in italics, symbols and numbers are unreadable and easy to get confused about, especially this one, who are not familiar with chemical terminology. The international name is usually straightforward, short and easy to remember. So we have N-acetyl para-aminophenol (chemical name) and paracetamol (international name).

Additionally, we have trade names, We know dozens of which even for this one drug. The ad suggestion may lead us to only buy Panadol or Tylenol or any other product with the name used in the place of, in which we live. In the UK itself, doctors may prescribe acetaminophen as Alvedon, Cafadol, Disprol, Paldesic, Panaleve, Salzone and Tylex. Some of them contain admixtures of other substances.

Your doctor may prescribe the medicine under a trade or international name, which also affects the price. However, will the cheapest choice really pay off in the long run?? Companies that produce a drug under an international name usually do not conduct research. In turn, large pharmaceutical companies have to impose higher prices on their products, to finance the search for new drugs. It is sad, that they need even more money for promotion, patent protection and upgrading old products. Pharmaceutical companies engaging in research need longer patent protection, starting from the date of approval of the drug for use, and not from its discovery. During this period, they need help, provided by a recognized brand name. This is what the name is about.

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