Tooth aches when touched, biting, schylaniu

Tooth aches when touched, biting, schylaniu

Tooth pain may be constant or it manifests itself only under certain conditions and under the influence of certain external factors.

Toothache when biting can have many causes. A common cause of this type of ailments is untreated caries, a carious cavity invisible to the naked eye or the loss of a part of the seal or a tooth crack. For treated teeth, this pain may mean the so-called. secondary caries. Then it is necessary to repeat the filling procedure. On the other hand, root canal treated teeth react with pain when biting due to inflammation at the apex of the tooth root., which compresses the nerve endings. In many cases, it turns out that root canal treatment turns out to be necessary- cleaning the tubules and filling them with an appropriate preparation. However, if the dental pulp is healthy, it is enough to put the filling and dressing on the aching tooth.

Acute toothache under pressure is often associated with pain on touch. If this ailment is related to the swelling of the gum, it may mean that the dental pulp is inflamed. Then the severe pain will not go away by itself, and the only salvation is to visit the dentist as soon as possible, who will carry out root canal treatment and may also order additional treatments.

Pain when touched is often accompanied by wisdom teeth growing out. Especially then, when there is not enough space on the alveolar arch to properly position the figure-eight. In effect, it only grows partially or at the wrong angle causing pain. It is especially true of space, in which the tooth breaks through the gum tissue, though it can also radiate.

Toothache while eating may be associated with receding gums, a symptom characteristic of periodontitis and hypersensitivity. Pain worsens when consumed hot, cold, sour and sweet foods.

Toothache worsening when tilting the head may be a symptom of sinusitis or pulpitis. In both cases, a visit to the dentist is necessary, who can refer the patient to an ENT specialist, if it excludes, that the source of pain is dental disease.

In turn, breathing pain is associated with tooth sensitivity, which react short, shooting pain on contact with the cool, especially frosty air. Treated teeth can also be affected. Then the discomfort lasts for several days after the dental procedure, for example, sealing or root canal treatment.

After tooth extraction surgery, in addition to the pain associated with wound healing, there may be unpleasant discomfort when drawing in air and with any physical exertion- walking, running- which can cause the wound to open and increase the pain. Ailments may also appear while lying down, when pressure in the mouth increases, which results in throbbing pain.

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