How long does the pain last after a tooth extraction?

How long does the pain last after a tooth extraction?

When tooth treatment is unsuccessful, and most of its surface is occupied by caries or when the tooth has grown incorrectly or incompletely pressing on the adjacent teeth, then it is often necessary to extract the tooth.

Tooth extraction itself, it is often associated with terrible pain despite the use of anesthetics. However, the soreness of this procedure is an individual matter, dependent on many factors. The position of the tooth is also important, root structure or dentist skills.

Tooth extraction involves a significant interference in the bone structure (maxilla and mandible) and gums. Thus, the natural consequence is pain and slight swelling in the area of ​​the extracted tooth, lasting until 2-3 days. On the other hand, the wound in the socket should heal within a week. However, if after this time the pain worsens, there is a visible swelling of the gums and cheek, and the wound pours out- then you should go to the dentist immediately.

Sometimes the cause of these ailments is incomplete tooth extraction. In situation, when a tooth fragment remains with the gum, re-treatment is necessary.

Pain after root extraction generally lasts longer than after standard tooth extraction, which is directly related to the formation of a larger wound and the need to cut a fragment of the gum in order to thoroughly remove the remnants of the root.

Pain after tooth extraction may also result from the injection of anesthesia. In the gum, at the injection site, there is sometimes a painful hematoma that lasts for several days. However, it does not require dental intervention, because it heals and disappears by itself.

When wisdom teeth are removed, the pain after the procedure lasts much longer than in the case of removing any of the remaining teeth. It usually takes several days, the gums take up to a month to heal. This is related to the unfavorable arrangement of the eights and the frequent need for stitches after the procedure. The bleeding after being pulled out may be more abundant and the pain more painful.

After a tooth is extracted, it is very easy to get infected, therefore, you should not eat or drink for the first hours after the treatment, while later, limit yourself to summer drinks and semi-liquid dishes. Otherwise, the pain after the extraction will worsen instead of lessen, and we can expose the wound to microbes, which is also associated with painful aftermath.

To minimize pain after a tooth extraction, you can gently rinse the mouth with herbal infusion - sage or chamomile. In addition, cold compresses on the cheek are permissible, as well as pain relievers, for example Nurofen, Ibuprom or Polopiryna.

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