Home remedies for a sore tooth

Home remedies for a sore tooth

The most effective way to get rid of troublesome toothache is to visit the dentist. However, it is not always possible to consult a dentist immediately. In such a case, commonly available painkillers are the only solution, for whom home remedies for toothache are a natural alternative.

There are several methods for temporarily relieving pain, although their effectiveness and duration of action is, on the whole, an individual matter.

One of them is applying a crushed one, dried clove on a sore tooth, however, clove oil is more effective, available in pharmacies and herbal stores, which is applied to a sick tooth or gum. Cloves have anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties, therefore they can reduce the perceived pain to some extent. Herb rinses can also be helpful, for example, chamomile or sage, made at home or on the basis of ready-made sachets- Dentosept or Septosan.

Toothache relief is also brought by cold compresses on the cheek, which thanks to lowering the temperature in the area of ​​the aching tooth, they slow down inflammatory processes and provide a soothing coolness.

Some also recommend a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide, iodine or spirit, which is applied directly to the diseased tooth.

also, it is necessary to rinse the mouth thoroughly from food residues on the teeth and between them. The obstruction of the painful area increases the pressure inside the tooth, which increases the perceived pain and accelerates and exacerbates inflammation.

If the cause of the pain is wisdom teeth growing out, relief can be obtained by sucking on an ice cube or by gently massaging it with a damp brush in place, in which the eight tries to break through the gum tissue.

A common reaction to toothache is immediate painkillers in tablet form, gel or ready-made rinses available at the pharmacy. Commonly available tablets are the most commonly used, us the example of Paracetamol, Ibuprom, Panadol, Apap, Ibuprofen, Nurofen or Polopyrine. Gels - Pelogel also have a soothing effect, Capsigel or Orajel and ready-made sage infusion.

For pharmaceuticals, it is important to adhere to the allowable dose. Overdosing on tablets or unwise combination of agents of different composition, may have serious consequences, including irreversible damage to the liver and kidneys.

Unfortunately, home remedies for troublesome toothache only alleviate unpleasant symptoms and do not destroy the causes of its occurrence. Therefore, as a result, it is necessary to visit the dentist and conduct proper treatment.

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