The causes and treatment of tooth hypersensitivity

The causes and treatment of tooth hypersensitivity

Short, stabbing toothache when consuming hot teeth, cold, sweet and sour food and a pain reaction in contact with cold air are symptoms of tooth hypersensitivity. He even struggles with this problem 30% society.

Tooth sensitivity is most often caused by receding gums, which reveal the neck of the teeth, although it can also be caused by mechanical or chemical damage or abrasion of the enamel. Then the dentin is exposed, which protects the strongly innervated interior of the tooth. As a result of external factors- intense flavors and extreme temperatures of food and drinks- the nerve endings of the exposed tubules irritate, the result is shooting pain.

Dental hypersensitivity is also fostered by improper oral hygiene - too vigorous brushing of teeth with horizontal movements using a hard brush and poor-quality toothpaste, and frequent consumption of carbonated drinks as well as sour and sweet food products.

People also struggle with tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening or sandblasting. In that cases, this ailment should go away by itself after a few, several days. People with digestive system diseases also suffer from this ailment, as stomach acid rushes back into the mouth or vomiting frequently. also, Tooth sensitivity is favored by smoking, malocclusion or nail biting.

Sensitive teeth should be treated not only then, when the degree of their annoyance prevents normal functioning. Also in the case of a slight nuisance, it is worth thinking about proper prophylaxis.

You should clean your teeth with a soft brush, while making gentle circular movements. The right tooth enamel strengthening paste and enriched with fluoride is also important, with ingredients ensuring a low level of abrasion.

In drugstores and pharmacies, special preparations are available to reduce tooth sensitivity and minimize the pain associated with it.. Besides high-quality pastes, it is necessary to use a mouthwash with fluoride and thorough flossing of the interdental spaces.

Besides proper prophylaxis, there is a possibility of using the help of specialized dental offices , where various types of hypersensitivity treatments are performed, guaranteeing quick and lasting relief of piercing pain. Teeth varnishing is the most common method, that is, strengthening them with fluoride that protects the exposed necks of the teeth. You can also undergo the procedure of closing the dentin tubules with an appropriate preparation.

The easiest way to minimize the risk of tooth sensitivity is to avoid the factors that cause it - whitening your teeth, brushing your teeth too hard with abrasive toothpastes or frequent consumption of products that weaken the enamel- citrus, sweets and carbonated drinks.

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